Symposium TechnoSensual

Piem Wirtz gives a talk at the TechnoSensual End Symposium in Vienna. An evening with showcases and presentations marking the end of a very successful exhibition with more then 25.000 visitors in 2,5 months.

Symposium TechnoSensual

TechnoSensual at quartier21

Aug 2012
17:00 to 20:00
location: Arena21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Montreal-based fashiontech expert Valérie Lamontagne will moderate an evening with showcases and talks. 

Piem Wirtz gives insight into the research and development of wearable technologies at V2_Lab, and the E-Textile Workspaces; the collaborations between technicians and designers; as well as the media and presentation strategies for fashion tech. In a wearable project, form, technology and presentation need to flow from a sound concept and exist in the correct relationship to each other. These three elements cannot be seen separately and must be considered in every phase of the design process. For V2_, the technology – however seductive it might be – is not the starting point. Sensors alone can't make you happy. The technology has to serve the intended experience. We must not only ask what experience we wish to create but also who we seek to create it for. Will the garment be made for the wearer or to put on a show for a large audience?


18.30 Doors open (admission free)

19.00-22.00 SYMPOSIUM

22.00 > DJ + drinks


Program Line-up:

Fashion Designer [artist in residency] Pauline van Dongen (new project release);

Hannah Perner-Wilson of KOBAKANT presents The Crying Dress;

Vienna-based wearable designer Ebru Kurbak;

Melissa Coleman, designer of The Holy Dress, part of the exhibition;

Piem Wirtz, project manager Wearable Technology V2_Lab. 



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