Syneasthetic Experiences

A small manifestation with a lecture, a performance and a special 'muzak' environment.

Syneasthetic Experiences

event flyer detail

Dec 1989
23:00 to 23:00
location: V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

A one night event in which synaesthetic experiences stood central. The V2 space was clothed with grass turf. The audience had to sit on a towel on the grass. There were three main towel colors (orange, green and red) and each had its own smell (sunscreen, petrol and rose) to choose from.

F. Kolvenbach gave a lecture and showed a film. Kolvenbach had researched the relations between certain frequencies and the frequencies of colors. In his film, he has combined colors and sounds of the same frequency.

Daniel Plunkett performed The Attic.

A special muzak environment was created by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen and Anton Viergever.


Note: there is a confusion of names on the flyer & summer catalog page, printed 1991.

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