Synesthetics: simulation and stimulation

A project curated in cooperation with Gottfried Hattinger (A) - eine Ausstellung über das Kreisen.

Synesthetics: simulation and stimulation

Synesthetics event poster

Jun 1993
Jun 1993
location: V2_, Muntelstraat 23, Den Bosch

Synesthetics has a long history. Through the ages, artists and musicians have tried to find relationships between sounds and colors. Optimizing the experience of the artwork by blending the arts is also known from the ideas about the Gesamtkunstwerk. The electronic media revitalize old (but never forgotten) ideals. The optimum stimulus for the senses seems to find a new high in virtual reality. Here also, optimizing the experience - by synchronizing elements like sound, vision and movement - is the focal point.



Matt Heckert (USA) build up his Automated Sound Orchestra, where 2500 Kg of machine parts were assembled into computer controlled 'music machines.'

Just Merit (A) presented The Gyroscope is a large turning sphere, which could be entered and which spat fire. 

Charley Hooker (GB) presented his work The Chase, where series of images was presented through the use of flash techniques in an absolutely dark space containing 15 line drawings. The images were based on a photographic series about the hunt of a cat by photographer Edward Muybridge.

Doro Franck (NL/D) gave a lecture On Language as a 'Device' to Tricker Virtual Realities in our Minds, about synesthesis in the arts in relation to electronic media and especially virtual reality. Doro Franck is language researcher at the Amsterdam 'Vrije Universiteit'.

Gottfried Hattinger (A), formerly director of Ars Electronica, engaged in a series of conversations with the audience about the underlying themes. During the presentation, Hattinger was seated at a special table to have conversations with the audience. Everyone who wanted to converse with Mr. Hattinger had to offer him a glass of Genever with the result that at the end of the evening Mr. Hattinger had a rotating movement in his head, a movement which was central to all works.


A project curated in cooperation with Gottfried Hattinger and made possible in part by the Municipal Museum in Graz.

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