The INFRActures vernissage is the first in V2's new series of monthly TANGENT live and interactive streamed events.


opening; photo: Jan Sprij

Dec 2005
16:00 to 18:00

The exhibition is inaugurated by an opening intervention of artist and architect Kyong Park, and framed by two live sound performances of sound artist Cevdet Erek and media artist mxHz.org, taking you beyond the boundaries of the audible.

Kyong Park, a Korean-American artist, curator and theorist, and co-founder of the International Center for Urban Ecology (iCUE) will open INFRActures with a special introductory statement with reflections on the nature of urban INFRA_scapes, addressing the balkanization, or disintegration, of territories, identities and borders both physically and theoretically in which architecture becomes a primary source with which to envision future societies.

In his sound performance InfraTime, sound artist Cevdet Erek uses sonic elements in order to depict measurable temporal event. He layers temporal processes occurring at different places in Rotterdam and Istanbul in order to evoke a spatio-temporal consciousness. The pace of time passing makes up a musical notation.

mxHz.org brings a live set titled VALID [V2_LOCATION AUDIO LAPTOP INFRA DEMONSTRATION] detecting and treating light and several ultrasonic sounds present in the exhibition space: the basic themes of the exhibition will be as such creatively but infra-condensed translated into a mini laptop symphony: a short and strange digital waltz to dream away with.

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