Techno-Mythopoeia: Spectral Plain

In the multi-channel game-environment 'Spectral Plain', three players assume the first person perspectives of depolarized energy fields who awaken to a world that has experienced a geomagnetic reversal.

Oct 2021
Oct 2021
12:00 to 18:00

Spectral Plain


In the plain of unchanneled energies, the players traverse the stratums of a cosmic stack — celestial, terranean, and infracosmic — searching for cosmological signs (‘triangle’, ‘circle’, ‘cross’, ‘square’) and spectral alignments that will enable new networks of energy to form.


The player’s ultimate fate is in the hands of cosmic randomness, but it is their ability to cooperate which will open an interdimensional portal to the ending of the game. Through this pathway the three players come together around the flames of a campfire, where their journeys converge to form a stereoscopic cosmogram.

Spectral Plain is powered by a cosmic radiation sensor, and a language prediction model (GPT-3) that has been optimised using technical and mythological understandings of electromagnetic energy. Together they sense and produce knowledge based on the players physical and virtual interaction with the multi-media installation.

The research behind Spectral Plain is contextualised in deployment of the 5G network; a planetary-scale infrastructure that is narrativised as a global, hyper-efficient mesh of connecting nodes mythologising our collective imagination of the Earth. More than mere representations, these narratives shape our cosmological belief systems, and our ability to envision ourselves as humans in a spectrum of frequencies that scale the planet.


Opening, October 28th: 18:30 to 21:30 (no need to book a timeslot)
Friday 29: 12:00pm to 21:30pm 
Saturday 30 & Sunday 31: 12h:00 to 18h:00
  • To book a 30 min slot to experience the installation RSVP by sending an e-mail to rsvp@v2.nl


Spectral Plain is the final outcome of the V2_Tryday series ‘Techno-Mythopoeia: Cosmogonic Tours’, where participants embarked on an online journey through different game-environments to re-mythologise the geopolitics and geophysics of electromagnetic frequency in a post-generational network world.

This project is a research initiative led by Guillemette Legrand and Vincent Thornhill, in collaboration with Isaac Clarke, Zach Furniss, Mārcis Lapiņš, Filip Setmanuk, and Jim Zweerts. Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and V2_Lab for the Unstable Media.


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