Techno-Mythopoeia_Workshop challenges participants to collectively conjure a techno-cosmogony.

Feb 2021
18:30 to 21:00

By multiplying perspectives of the geophysical forces that flow through living and non-living entities, we will plot the coordinates and contours to a multidimensional cosmogram of planetary infrastructure. This session is placed within the context of the current deployment of the 5G network; an infrastructure that is reshaping our (socio)-(geo)-political realities by imposing a cosmogram of a global, hyper-efficient mesh structure within our collective imaginations. We will engage through collectively materialising (text, image, diagrams) a new frequency spectrum, not based on a scale of Hertz, but on the invisible electromagnetic relationships between our bodies, the Planet and the Cosmos.


February 17
Time: 18:30h 
Duration: ~2.5 hours 
Where: Online 
Who: Hosted by V2_ and lead by Guillemette Legrand and Vincent Thornhill

Participants: The group will be composed of 5 to 8 practitioners and/or enthusiasts interested in electromagnetic frequencies within the following fields (not limited to): radiology, meditation, cosmology, biology, healing, geology, wired and wireless networks, extrasensory communication.

About the project

Techno-mythopoeia is an enterprise for tech-narrative demystification and for collective techno-myth-making, which aims to re-narrate an amalgamated tech-odyssey from collective imaginaries. The project is an expanding collaboration, currently including Guillemette Legrand, Vincent Thornhill, Filip Setmanuk, Joleana Shurley, and Jim Zweerts. Find out more about the previous event here.


Open Call/Participate

(If you are interested please send us a short description of your practice/interests by February 5 to rsvp@v2.nl)


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