TeleAgriCulture at Ars Electronica (and Rotterdam)

TeleAgriCulture_Rhizomatic Bias will be shown at Ars Electronica 2019 in Linz, Austria. (And also in Rotterdam at V2_).

Sep 2019
Sep 2019
10:00 to 23:00
location: Linz, Austria, Ars Electronica

What happens if biotopes start chatting to each other using social network communication models? TeleAgriCulture_Rhizomatic Bias explores how bias grows in machine learning and intelligent systems.

Three aquaponic biospheres consisting of local fish and crops found around Rotterdam and Linz are set up at V2 (Rotterdam, NL), Stadtwerkstatt and POSTCITY (Linz, AT). A mobile communication kit plugs directly into the systems, networking sensory data, a chatbot and lights to communicate with each other using traditional soil proverbs that are linked to class, wealth, luck, labor, productivity and land.

In this bio-digital feedback loop the biospheres form social relationships, based on how similar and statistically normal they are. Those with the most in common will attack the weaker ones, in effect cyberbullying them. These artistic provocations point at the much larger problems we face when our emotional biases and social constructions affect the way artificially intelligent systems evolve and impact our lives.

TeleAgriCulture_Rhizomatic Bias is a work by  Julian Stadon (AU), Erik Overmeire (NL), Daniel Artamendi (ES), developed in collaboration with V2_ Lab for Unstable Media (NL).

This project is supported by V2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Cultivamos Cultura and marart.org

TeleAgriCulture is a crowd/cloud agricultural data network for artists that integrates & invites individual agricultural practices. Our modular kits are scalable to all locations and ecologies, through a sensory datasphere. Real-time analytics and machine learning optimise system data for merging natural systems, data systems & social exchange networks with artistic reflection.



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