Test_Lab: Graceful Extinction

In this edition of Test_Lab, we’re looking ahead to our planet after the inevitable fact that humanity got extinct. We’re looking at ways to leave our mother earth behind. Focusing on the steps needed to help other life forms survive, as a way to go extinct as gracious as possible.

Jul 2019
20:00 to 23:00

Graceful Extinction

A world without humans? Lately, between overpopulation, a concatenation of disasters, the increasing warming of the earth, climate refugees, and the extinction of other earthlings in large numbers, it’s conceivable that humanity won’t be walking around on this planet forever.  

In fact, even without these relatively new developments, even without the recent changes to the climate, contemporary scientists generally agree that the extinction of humanity seems inevitable. And whether we leave the planet within a few decades or centuries from now, it’s important that we think about what state we wish to leave it in for our fellow residents.

At this edition of V2_'s Test_Lab, we’ll explore different possibilities for enhancing the quality of life of these survivors. We’ll focus on five projects that explore interventions humans can make before our extinction that will contribute to the survival or enrichment of those we leave behind, from new ways of stimulating the growth or even metabolism of other life forms to ways of reversing the impact we’ve made on the planet.


• Ivan Henriques
• Tue Greenfort
• Petja Ivanova

Time and entrance

This event starts at 20:00h (walk in from 19:30h). The entrance fee is €3,-. Payable by card or with cash.


Test_Lab is a public event series organized by V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, that provides an informal setting for the demonstration, testing, presentation and discussion of artistic research and development (aRt&D).

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