Test_Lab - Of Microbes and Matter

This event is part of our Test_Lab series and will take place online.

Nov 2020
20:00 to 21:30

Graceful Extinction 2.0

Graceful Extinction 2.0 builds on the ideas introduced during Graceful Extinction, an edition of Test_Lab where we explored ways in which humans can, as a species, enhance the chances of survival of other lifeforms on planet Earth, and extinct as graciously as possible. In Graceful Extinction 2.0, we zoom in on the lives of microbes and matter and speculate about the(in)organic systems they will collaboratively create in the absence of humans.


Nina van Hartskamp 
Lucie Draai
Pei-Ying Lin



This event will take place online, get your ticket here. The link to the online event will be send to you by mail one day prior to the event.


Test_Lab is a public events series organized by V2_ that provides an informal setting for the presentation, demonstration, testing and discussion of artistic research and development.

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