Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2013

V2_ and The New Institute present this year’s graduation edition of Test_Lab – a special evening showcasing a selection of installations, demonstrations, performances, prototypes and experiments by a new generation of artists and designers graduating this year from European art academies. As is customary at Test_Lab events, you are invited to examine and experience their works hands-on.

Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2013

Flyer Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2013

Jul 2013
18:00 to 21:00
location: Het Nieuw Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

This year’s selection includes design scenarios for modified babies and new organs (Agatha Haines, Royal College of Art, London), a performance giving voice to Nigerian spam emails (Andre Castro, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam), a database that forecasts the future of the art world (Jonas Lund, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam), surprising relationships between LA's social and physical landscapes (Benedikt Gross, Royal College of Art, London), a live Bluetooth-swallowing experiment Jo Caimo, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent), a candle that lasts a lifetime (Verena Friedrich, Academy of Media Arts Cologne), and a custom-made concert (Custom Made Music, Utrecht School of the Arts).

About Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition

Young people are society’s innovators and change agents. They reveal the future to us by creating it. Therefore, at the end of every academic year, Test_Lab takes a close look at a selection of outstanding art and design work created by young artists and designers graduating in emerging arts across Europe.


Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2013 is a coproduction of V2_ and The New Institute and is part of The Ruin.

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