The Atari Punk Console Workshop

Build your own Atari Punk Console.

Apr 2016
11:00 to 15:00

The Atari Punk Console Workshop

The APC is one of the most simple sound-producing designs, with a very low part count. The circuit uses 2 timers in one chip, the NE556, which is in fact a double 555 timer. The 555 timer is one of the most widely used chips in the world.

The Atari Punk console is an astable square wave oscillator driving a monostable oscillator that creates a single (square) pulse. There are two controls, one for the frequency of the oscillator and one for the width of the pulse. The controls are usually potentiometers but the circuit can also be controlled by light, temperature, pressure etc. by replacing a potentiometer with a suitable sensor (e.g., photo resistor for light sensitivity).
The circuit is a simple DIY noisemaker circuit that is relatively inexpensive and easy to build, easily adaptable and is configurable in many ways. Its flexibility has led to wide scale popularity among electronics enthusiasts. It is a great circuit for beginners to build.
The characteristic 'stepped tone' output of the square wave when turning the pots is reminiscent of the synthetic sound of old game-computer sounds, hence the name Atari Punk Console.

Participants in the workshop can choose a kit that is free-standing, with a 9-volts battery and a speaker, boxed or not, or a euro-rack version with suitable power-adapter and line-out. It can be built in a single or double version.

When: Saturday April 2nd
Where: V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam, NL
Time: 1300 hrs - 1700 hrs
Damage: € 20,- pp 

Max 10 persons! Enlist through info@dasding.nl


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