The Beatmakers Union @ V2_

The Beatmakers Union is gathering again and this time they team up with V2_.

Jun 2018
17:00 to 21:00
location: V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media

Since we love to make beats from samples, we’d like to invite a selector with a special music taste. This time we connected with one of our hero's - Free The Robots - who sent over his selection for this session from the Philippines where he is currently staying before touring again.

Our rules are pretty straight forward:

- Bring your laptop and whatever music gear you want to use
- Make sure you use the sample that we will provide on a usb stick
- You will get 90 minutes to make music


► 19:00 - Walk in 
► 19:30 - Start of session
► 21:45 - Listening session
► 23:00 - End of event

Entrance: Free/Donation
Music support to be announced.

The Beatmakers Union

We believe that electronic music is like an intersection between art, technology and a reflection of society. Over the last 15 years technology has made it possible for virtually everybody to make and share music. The development of user friendly music production software has been a huge game changer and the rise of user generated content platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud enabled any music enthousiast to share and find knowledge at no cost. 

The Beatmakers Union emerged from a need to bring this online community to the physical world. That’s why we started to organise live beatmaking events that bring together electronic music producers in order to meet like-minded people, share knowledge and creatively challenge themselves. Over the past five years the union has grown into a close group of friends and new members/participants are still added every event.

@ V2_ 

@ V2_ is a series of bottom-up curated events where we invite artists or collectives connected to the V2_Community to curate and realize an event in our space. This is a way for us at V2_ to encourage our community of creative thinkers and doers to create their own events while still keeping the experimental nature of V2_.

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