The Critical AI Manifesto

Join us and be part of the first 'Critical AI Manifesto MeetUp'.

Oct 2019
19:00 to 21:30

Online Tool

V2_ is developing an online tool to position creatives in the vast and complex world of AI. The 'Critical AI Manifesto'' is a sounding board to scrutinise the technopolitical infrastructures of AI in order to spur more imaginative and critical dialogues regarding artificial intelligence’s impact and governance within the creative practices. 

The online tool allows you to compose a personal manifesto by browsing through and selecting from a pre-existing set of statements that can be prioritized at your own discretion. 


This meetup is about sharing your perspective on AI and expanding the pool of statements by peer group discussion. Feel free to check out the beta version (https://caim.v2.nl/) in advance and if possible bring a laptop to the event. 

Tentative Schedule

19.00 doors 
19.20 welcome
19.25 introductory presentation CAIM + 3 topics 
19.40 dividing in groups, workshop / brainstorm / discussion
20.40 presentation of statements 
21.00 wrap-up & networking
21.30 close

Next Edition

The Next edition will take place on November 14.

[Image credits: design Jerry Galle with adaIN-Style-Transfer via Runway]

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