The Evening of: Becoming Geological

The Evening of Becoming Geological activates and invokes the multiple becomings provoked by the metallic, earthly and cosmic embrace of the geologic.

Jan 2023
20:00 to 23:00

Evening of: Becoming Geological

Reflecting in many dark and lustrous veins on the imaginaries suggested by both the publication and exhibition Becoming Geological, the evening features performance presentations from artists and theorists Arthur Gouillart, Martin Howse, Patricia MacCormack and Elaine Tam.

The audience is invited to actively become metal, to become earth and to become cosmic in a series of guided divinations, telluric incursions, philosophical meditations, and occulted geopoetic invocations. We will collectively explore potential, active philosophies of the earth exposed by new cosmic techno-cycles.  


Arthur Gouillart
Martin Howse
Patricia MacCormack
Elaine Tam


This event is made possible thanks to financial support from the Creative Industries Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam.
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