The Evening of Lev Manovich

The Evening of Lev Manovich, or 'Metadata, mon amour' was part of DEAF03.

The Evening of Lev Manovich

The Evening of Lev Manovich: George Legrady; photo: Jan Sprij

Feb 2003
19:00 to 22:00
location: Pakhuis Las Palmas (Arena), Rotterdam

Manovich’s guests at this evening were historian/media archaeologist Wolfgang Ernst (D) and journalist/media scientist Stefan Heidenreich (D). They combined theoretical and historical accounts with the presentation of some of the most interesting new media projects which address the key questions opened up by the paradigm concerning metadata.


Nederlands / Dutch text

Manovich ontvangt als gasten de historicus/media-archeoloog Wolfgang Ernst (D) en de journalist/mediawetenschapper Stefan Heidenreich (D). Theoretische en historische verslagen komen samen in de presentatie van de interessantste nieuwe-mediaprojecten die verband houden met de belangrijkste kwesties rond het paradigma van Metadata.



Andreas Kratky (D)
George Legrady (H/USA/CDN)
Joachim Sauter (D)
Stefan Heidenreich (D)
Wolfgang Ernst (D)


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