The Evening of ... Sara Diamond

Program of presentations and screenings curated by Sara Diamond.

Nov 2000
19:30 to 22:30
location: Lantaren 1, Gouvernestraat 133

Thinking of Machine Times in terms of Body Time, Sara Diamond (CA) has brought a couple of new media projects from the Banff Center together which deal with the human/machine interval, the physical possibilities and limitations of the body wrapped in machine times. Included in the evening were Bacteria – an audio-visual jamsession by Arcangel Constantini (MX) and The Secret Project – a performance by Jools Gilson-Ellis, Richard Povall (UK) and technology.

Sara Diamond showed the following video tapes:

Let's Talk About it (selected), Words Fail (5 mins), Herr (John Greyson and Joe Laughlin, 5 mins), Men (MMW Dance Company, UK, 18 mins), Paixao Nacional (Karim Anouz, Brazil, 1994, 9 mins), Voices of the Morning (Meena Nanji, 1992, USA , 14 mins).

CD-ROM and web projects included Dream Kitchen (Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, Australia) and Code Zebra (Sara Diamond and others, work in progress).

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