The Evening of Yukiko Shikata

An evening at DEAF04 curated by Yukiko Shikata.

Nov 2004
19:00 to 21:00
location: Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Van Nelleweg 1

Japanese curator Yukiko Shikata compiled an evening where existing notions of body, perception, language, space and time are rebooted in an enigmatic set of relations, such that excess and existence blur on the horizon.

Throughout history the human being has defined itself as the only intelligent creature basing its existence on proportional relationships, abstract symbols and a directed will to change the world intentionally. But what is the true differentiating factor between the breadth of animals and the human? When the human moves into a deeper study of cognitive sciences or genome analysis, the difference between the two is neither the material or weight of the brain nor the number of Genomes, but simply the difference in the combination or relation of networks. This difference lies not in a material or object-base but in the dynamic process of information networks.

So why ponder the meaning of intelligence? In this context intelligence is the open system for flexibly incorporating, processing differences and information for possibly and perhaps necessary mutations. We humans relate to these other creatures - animals, plants and other natural phenomenon - as one of many nodes in a complete system, which is as full of enigmatic relations as scientific equations.

The existing notion of body, perception, language, space, time is rebooted in an enigmatic set of relations such that excess and existence blur on the horizon. Welcome to being a part of EnigmaAnagma!

EnigmaAnagma: *anaguma, Japanese for "badger". Reminds us of "enigma", "anagram", "amalgam" with relation to "anagura" ("dark hole" in Japanese) and "angura" ("underground" in Japanese).

Music and performances by Taeji Sawai (DE/JP), eye (JP), Kazuhiro Jo (JP) and the Sine Wave Orchestra (JP), an orchestra in which the audience participates. Imagery by manga artist Katsuki Tanaka (JP), a cult figure in the Japanese cultural scene. Yukiko Shikata (JP) is a curator and critic whose work includes the project Kingdom of Piracy an online workspace exploring the free sharing of digital content as the net's ultimate art form.

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