The Gig is Up: Closing Event

On Thursday December 15 we present the closing event of our exhibition ‘The Gig Is Up: How New Technologies Are Reshaping The Future Of Work’.

Dec 2016
19:00 to 22:00

During the finissage on Thursday 15 December, Prayas Ahbinav will give a performative lecture, the next issue of post-writer.xyz will be launched, and Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez' will present their ePublication.

Entrance fee is € 3. This includes the lecture, the launches and entrance to the exhibition. It is possible to pay with cash or by card.

'The Gig Is Up’ is an exhibition about cloud workers and forms of distributed and outsourced labour: the so-called ‘gig economy’. The exhibition is on view until December 18. Find out more about the exhibition by clicking here.

Prayas Abhinav lives with his family in Ahmedabad. He has worked in the last few years on numerous pieces of speculative fiction, software, games, interactive installations, public interventions and curatorial projects. He is interested in politics, pedagogy and the interaction of the humanities and the digital. Abhinav will give a performative lecture in which he will present three words related to content production in the cloud and follow the presentation of each word with questions that he will ask the audience. He will also present the new issue of post-writer.xyz

Post_Writer is a work by Prayas Abhinav. It is an artwork, installation and monthly magazine. Each issue of the magazine consists of four writers, one bot and one sponsor posts. One post = one tweet. Post-writer will sometimes be a posting-machine. The machine will be powered by a human perspective and this human perspective will accommodate everything. The machines will be made and defined in the form of ritualistic-grammars. Sentences will be constructed by machines, but only in pre-imagined forms. Post-writer posts will become explosives and burst open with infinite permutations.
Berdugo and Martinez will present their ePublication. Liat Berdugo is an artist, writer, and curator based in Oakland, CA. Her work strives to create an expanded, thoughtful consideration for new media and digital culture. Berdugo has been exhibited in galleries and festivals internationally, and she collaborates widely with individuals and archives.

Emily Martinez is an artist working with digital and networked media. Her recent practice and research interests examine the relationship between media, memory, and catastrophe; post-representational forms of subjectivity, emancipatory practices, and the digital archive.

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