The Matter of Media

Opening performances of N5M2 by Critical Art Ensemble (USA), Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (US), and Eric Hobijn (NL).

The Matter of Media

Critical Art Ensemble: The Matter of Media; photo: Jan Sprij

Jan 1996
19:00 to 22:00
location: Scapino, Eendrachtsstraat 8, Rotterdam

Critical Art Ensemble opened the Next Five Minutes conference with a performance on The Matter of Media. In a preparatory text, Andreas Broeckmann wrote: The Critical Art Ensemble ruthlessly exposes the excesses of cyberculture as it preys on the human body: cyborg slaves, data body, and tongue spasms. The CAE suggests a series of tactics, through which these invasions can be irritated, if not countered: countersurveillance, data body infections, and electronic civil disobedience.

Three performance-presentations took place here: Eric Hobijn presented Techno-Parasites, Critical Art Ensemble gave the performance The Matter of Media, and Kevin McCoy and Jennifer Bozick-McCoy performed Achieving Sufficient Fluidity: Tactics in Implementing Advanced Media Strategies.

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