The Rosenberg Museum

A exhibition with objects from the Rosenberg Museum, by/with curator Jozef Cseres (SLO).

The Rosenberg Museum

An object from The Rosenberg Museum

May 1999
May 1999
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

An exhibition of objects related to the Rosenbergs, a dynasty of innovative violinists from Australia. Featuring the collection of EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE DONE WITH A VIOLIN objects; a selection from the deconstructed 'relative' violins; The Kitsch Violin archive; pictorial evidence to support Rosenberg's prediction of cultural demise 'the Age of Shopping'; new exhibit pieces... plus some newly restored instruments.

The Rosenbergs are a dynasty of innovative violinists from Australia. The three best known artists from this family are Jo 'Doc' Rosenberg (legendary bebop violinist); Jimmi Rosenberg (country & western star, turned hard core heavy metal) and the most famous (i.e. dead) Dr. Johannes Rosenberg (composer, musicologist and experimental violin instrument decomposer). The later Rosenberg also lived for a large part of his professional life in the unfashionable former DDR. The museum consists primarily of documentation illustrating the musical practice and obsessions of this most radical of 20th century musical enigmas, including some of the 'Relative Violin' deconstructions and the always popular 'Kitsch Violin' collection. The Rosenbergs are the first virtual music dynasty to become real. After years of existence as experimental Hörspiel, fake TV documentaries, books of dubious biography and living on the internet, The Rosenberg Museum now becomes physical reality in its new premises in the town of VIOLIN in Slovakia (I'm not making this up!) To put it another way, the Rosenbergs might be described as surrealist satire dealing with many of the issues now facing the musical culture of this world ... a wicked but humour filled critique. Between them, the Rosenbergs deal with everything from the pointless-ness of jazz education, why there is so much really bad performance art, the agony of musicologists, the ignorant pretensions of music criticism, the cultural imperialism of New York, the business of the 'culture' industry etc. There is massive pictorial evidence too (in case you didn't notice it yet) to support the Doctor Johannes prediction that after the decline of communism and capitalism would come The Age of Shopping. So if you want to know where we are going and who is paying for the pizza after the gig ... then this is your only chance to experience the Rosenberg Museum in Holland.


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