The Streams DEAF Radio

Live radio stream during the first days of DEAF04.

Nov 2004
Nov 2004
location: IP-space

In collaboration with Radioswap, Radio Tilos and RadioWORM, DEAF04 introduces the live streaming segment DEAF RADIO. Within the existing broadcasting networks there is, unfortunately, no longer room for this form of radio, but the current Internet streaming technology makes it possible to realize 'etherless' radio art. During the first week of DEAF04, DEAF RADIO gives daily reports on the festival with interventions and radio concerts. During and after the heady festival buzz of the daytime, artists will create a soothing, DEAFening sonic atmosphere.

Note: You need software that is capable to play OGG. Winamp and RealPlayer both support it, but iTunes doesn't. To add OGG support to iTunes, visit http://www.illadvised.com/~jordy/ 
To find more audioplayers that support Ogg, visit http://www.vorbis.com/software.psp

With: Edit Blaumann (HU), Pierre DeJaeger (BE), Zoë Irvine (UK), Aymeric Mansoux (FR), Akos Maroy (HU), RadioWORM (NL), Tilos Radio (HU)

DEAF04 Radio Feed: http://www.deaf04.nl/deafradio.m3u (ogg)

DEAF04 Radio Chat: irc://irc.v2.nl#v2_cafe (irc)

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