Thingworld is the International Triennial of New Media Art in Beijing. V2_ presents three works in the exhibition.

Jun 2014
Jul 2014
15:00 to 16:00
location: National Art Museum of China 1 Wusi Dajie, East District, Beijing, China

"The world is a thingworld. For without things there would be nothing to describe, to interpret, to comment on, there would be no evocative signifiers that trigger imagination, conjure up representation, neither would there be societies nor cultures. The world is a thingworld. In Chinese language, the word for “thing” is a compound of the characters East and West, a geographic stretch across the infinite space of two imaginary ends in the ancient mind. Thing is everything."

V2_ presents three artists at the Triennial:

Jessica de Boer: Capillary gradient

Zoro Feigl: A long and winding road to nowhere in particular

Ronald van der Meijs: a time capsule of life


Thingworld is the third edition of the International Triennial of New Media Art, following the internationally acclaimed Olympic Cultural Project Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008 and “transLife: International Triennial of New Media Art which was officially instituted as a triennial of new media art at the National Art Museum of China in 2011. These triennials have investigated the most current intellectual trends in the discourse of media art and culture, providing a prominent platform for a global presentation and theorization of cutting edge media artwork. The 2014 edition will present 58 works by 65 artists and artistic collectives from 22 countries. Most of the works in the exhibition will be shown in China for the first time.

More info: mediartchina.org

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