Tools & Creators

A workshop that examines the tools available for the creation of interactive and non-linear media, on the examples of three open source multimedia software applications: V2_Jam, Jahshaka and StreamStudio.

Tools & Creators

from the event flyer

Nov 2003
13:00 to 16:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

The workshop examines the tools available for the creation of interactive and non-linear media. Technologists and artists are brought together to inform each other and to understand how pressing artists work and how engineers build software tools.

The interaction process and the open scenarios applied in interactive media projects are often pre-determined by the possibilities of the tools used for its creation. It can even be argued that the tools used for the creation play a major role in the aesthetic layers of the work. Demonstrations and discussions in Tools & Creators could enlighten the involved people to understand what should be considered relevant for the design of tools, and which new features could be considered for future development. V2_ considers the exchange of information among engineers and artists crucial for critical tool development and collaboration among the cultural sector and the Open Source and Free Software community.

Introduction and moderation:
Anne Nigten (NL), manager V2_Lab

The workshop will host demonstrations of three open source multimedia software applications by its designers or engineers, followed by a panel discussion.

Concept and production:

exStream, five collaborative partners: Hull Time Based Arts (GB); V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media (NL); Bootlab (D); interSpace Media Art Center (BG); t0 / Institute for New Culture Technologies - Public Netbase (A)

The workshop Tools & Creators is supported by: Culture 2000 program (EU), Mondriaan Foundation, Cultural Affairs, City of Rotterdam, Ministry of Culture and Luna Internet.

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