Tracking Technology for the Performing Arts

Workshop about tracking technology; took place during DEAF07.

Apr 2007
Apr 2007
21:00 to 15:00

This hands-on workshop on Tracking Technologies is oriented towards performing artists/choreographers who are interested in using new technologies, as well as people with a technical/scientific background who want to apply their technical knowledge in an artistic domain.

In the performing arts exciting new ways of expression are becoming possible by recent advances in tracking and sensing technologies. Body-worn sensors and large area position tracking systems are now accessible for use in performances, enabling for example new types of interaction.

The workshop will set out to investigate data interpretations from real-time tracking devices and mappings of this data for artistic purposes, using max/msp. Working in small groups with a workshop leader the participants will explore two integrated modules:

  1. Data interpretations for the performing arts, with applications such as movement analysis and interactive soundscapes.
  2. A technical introduction to state of the art tracking technology.

Participants will be challenged to create their own systems that interpret real-time tracking data.

After completing the workshop participants will have a clear understanding of how data from tracking systems can be interpreted for use in the performing arts.

The workshop is accompanied by the seminar Interrupting Realities , which will attempt to deal with some of the theoretical issues raised by this seminar. Entrance to the seminar is free for workshop participants.

Workshop leaders

Armando Menicacci assisted by Christian Delecluse and Cyrille Henry
Anomos, laboratoire Mediadanse, Paris, FR

Sher Doruff
Waag Society, Amsterdam, NL

Stan Wijnans

Cliff Randell with assistant
University of Bristol, UK


On Saturday, 14 April, 16.00-18.00, a presentation of all workshops' outcomes will take place:
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