Tryday: Pro Helvetia X V2_

This Tryday will show the progress and ongoing research of the PHxV2_ Digital Art Residency, a project of V2_ in cooperation with Pro Helvetia.

Nov 2022
18:00 to 21:00

The PHxV2_ Digital Art Residency is a residency program by  V2_ in cooperation with Pro Helvetia to enable artists, designers and cultural practitioners working within the crossover space between art and technology to explore the notion of artificial inequality. The 'Trydays' are one-off events that take place on a Friday during the Kunstavond. With the Trydays artists are given an opportunity to 'try-out' a new work, installation or performance.



Artificial inequality


The fading of the belief that purely technological solutions to big social and ecological problems exist is increasingly opening up a forum for developing alternative ideas about technological progress. This shift provides an opportunity to reflect on the imbalance between those who benefit from technological advances and those who pay the price for such “progress.” We consider art and design to be the experimental context in which this reflection should occur, as they offer us the imaginative scope to assess the impact of technological developments in a social context and to investigate radical alternatives. 


Visit V2_ (Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam) between 18h and 21h, entrance is free!

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