Tryday: Techno-Mythopoeia III

The final iteration of the Techno-Mythopoeia Cosmogonic tour series.

Jun 2021
19:00 to 20:00
location: Online

In the final iteration of the Techno-Mythopoeia Cosmogonic tour series, participants will be guided through the latest version of an online multiplayer game environment that traverses the mythical cosmography of unchanneled wireless networks.

Through a mix of live soundscapes, game elements, and astro-fictioning, the narrators will mythologise the geophysics and geopolitics of electromagnetic frequencies in a post-generational network world; from the scale of the infra-cosmic, to the ultra-cosmic.

The narrators and participants will interact through an embedded Jitsi livestream, where together they will re-envision electromagnetic frequencies as a planetary network of potentialities. This tour series will culminate in a playable installation at V2_ in October, 2021.


Date & time: 18th June, 19:00–20:00h
Location: Online
RSVP: 30 people will be able to join. To register for the event, please sign up here: https://forms.gle/fkL9eaUWkKD7TAUKA

About Techno-Mythopoeia    

Techno-Mythopoeia is an enterprise for tech-narrative demystification and for collective techno-myth-making, which aims to re-narrate an amalgamated tech-odyssey from collective imaginaries. The project is an expanding collaboration, currently including Guillemette Legrand, Vincent Thornhill, Filip Setmanuk, Joleana Shurley, and Jim Zweerts.

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