Tryday: Window Shopping

A Tryday for 'Window Shopping', a work-in-progress by Rodney Place in association with Rob Donkers and Aart Muis.

Mar 2023
18:00 to 21:00
location: V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

During the 'Tryday' on Friday 24 March you'll have a chance to experience the work-in-progress Window Shopping by Rodney Place (concept, direction) in association with Rob Donkers and Aart Muis (Rnul, interaction design). The work is produced by V2_Lab.

Window Shopping  is conceived as a movie-in-the-making that disrupts and is disrupted by passers-by in the physical world. It’s a live theatre/film work that first involves locally recruited performers, extras and audiences, warm-bodied and virtual, scripted and improvised. In the confusion of distances in the 21st century, you can first make friends on Facebook with someone standing right next to you.

From the mélange of venue, stage, cinema and production studio that is V2_, Window Shopping embraces the street, the double-height window façade, and the interior space of Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam.

On this Tryday we'll show this work-in-progress from 18:00–21:00h at V2_. The entrance is free.

More about Window Shopping.

Rodney Place

Rodney Place's multi-disciplinary and multi-media work focuses largely on art and urbanism, whether as satirical commentary, activism, or permanent installation. He works thematically with different elements making up a project, fashion, photography, drawing, painting and sculpture, video and performance works. More.

Rob Donkers and Aart Muis / Rnul

Rob Donkers and Aart Muis are Rnul interactive, a Dutch interaction design studio based in Rotterdam. Using various sorts of innovative media Rnul interactive creates spatial experiences for museums, exhibitions, festivals, advertisements and the public space. Through interaction they evoke, the visitors themselves become an essential part of our work. More.


The 'Trydays' are one-off events that take place on a Friday during the Kunstavond. With the Trydays artists are given an opportunity to try-out a new work, installation or performance.


March 24, 18:00–21:00h
V2_Lab for the Unstable Media
Free entrance (Kunstavond)


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