Understanding Media Art & Research

The conference Understanding New Media Art and Research adressed the beginning and meaning of interdisciplinary research projects in the field of electronic art, as well as experiences of active media practice.

Understanding Media Art & Research

Understanding Media Art & Research: panel discussion

Jan 2004
00:00 to 17:00
location: Groothandelsgebouw, zaal Kriterion, 8th floor, Stationsplein 45

By focusing on the guiding role of media within the social, political and cultural changes currently taking place, the conference linked the emergent new art practice and new forms of cultural organisation to the wider field of our technological culture.

Every day we read or hear about interdisciplinarity, interaction, the networked society, the end of the nation state, but what do these words actually mean? What has changed in a practical sense and how can artists, art institutes and policy makers reflect on this new so-called e-culture and help shape it?

At this conference V2_ addressed these questions from several angles. Political economist Saskia Sassen focused on general changes in society: how have economic, cultural and governmental structures changed? Cultural and architectural historian Ole Bouman applied the same question to art: what has changed in the art world and what are the consequences for traditional art institutes like museums, foundations and advisory bodies? Media theorist Tapio Mäkelä has done research into art organisations that deal with new forms of art. How do these changes effect such organisations? Mäkelä also demonstrated the new connections that are made between the arts and scientific disciplines and how the phenomenon of "research" has entered the art world. Finally, artist Catherine Richards discussed the practice of the media artist: based on her own experience of many years not only as an artist but in art education as well, she sketched an image of the digital, networked artist, what he or she needs to produce electronic art and what alliances these new artists form.

The session was moderated by Christine de Baan. V2_ over the years has built both a national and international network and hopes to fulfill its role as "connecting machine" by bringing together these speakers from various backgrounds and thus make an active contribution to the debate.

* 13.00 welcome words by V2_
* 13.05 introduction by Christine de Baan
* 13.15 lecture by Saskia Sassen
* 14.00 lecture by Ole Bouman
* 14.30 intermission
* 15.00 lecture by Tapio Mäkelä
* 15.30 lecture by Catherine Richards
* 16.00 panel discussion
* 17.00 end

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