V2 in V2

An expo (V2 in V2) and concerts with the theme 'Strijd'.

V2 in V2

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Oct 1983
Oct 1983
15:00 to 22:55
location: V2 Vughterstraat 234 Den Bosch

Two day expo with work by artists working at V2: Alex, Karolien, Jos, Wikke, José, Bart, Sjak and Carla (= Alex Adriaansens, Jos Vulto, Wikke 't Hooft, José van de Berg, Bart Domburg, Sjak Wubben, Carla Rutten; the documentation suggests that there was also work shown by 'Lex' (='Alex'?)). Also a concert by Meer Staal, and a concert by Blue Sound.

No further information available.

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