V2_ at Operator Radio 2022 III

The third 2022 V2_radio show at Operator Radio.

Mar 2022
15:00 to 16:00
location: Operator Radio Online

Once a month V2_ makes an hour of radio at Operator Radio, the online radio station of Rotterdam. Steffan Hofland, Alex Falk and/or Arie Altena discuss the program of V2_, and what goes on in the world of art & technology. Sometimes with a guest, and sometimes not. They spin some of their favorite music, hoping to surprise the listener, and dig into the 40 years history of V2_.

The 2022-series of V2_radio shows at Operator Radio continues our exploration of radio.

Tune in at www.operator-radio.com/ on Thursday 10 March 15:00h. Livestream on Facebook.

Missed it? You can relisten at Radio Operator: www.operator-radio.com/archive.

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