V2_ at Operator Radio 2022 XII

V2_'s radioshow at Operator Radio, every second Thursday of the month. This edition features contributions by Katía Truijen and Kiki Lennaerts on archiving digital culture.

Dec 2022
15:00 to 16:00
location: Operator Radio Online

Every second Thursday of the month V2_ makes an hour of live radio at Operator Radio, the online radio station of Rotterdam. Usually Steffan Hofland, Alex Falk, and/or Arie Altena discuss the program of V2_, and what goes on in the world of art & technology. They spin some of their favorite music, hoping to surprise the listener, and they dig into the history of V2_.

The 2022-series of V2_radio shows at Operator Radio continues our exploration of the possibilities of live radio.

On 8 december we feature contributions by Katía Truijen and Kiki Lennaerts about archiving unstable (media) art and archiving digital culture. Their contributions are made possible by financial support of the NADD, Netwerk Archieven Design en Digitale Cultuur, and will be published seperately on this website as well.

Tune in at www.operator-radio.com/ on Thursday 8 December 15:00h. Livestream on Facebook.

Missed it? You can listen back at Radio Operator: www.operator-radio.com/archive.

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