V2_AR: Artistic Explorations

This expert meeting brought together artists, developers and theorists to discuss what AR brings as a medium.

Jun 2010
11:00 to 16:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

The first edition of the V2_AR Ecosystem event series explored the opportunities AR can give to artists. The expert meeting brought together artists, developers and theorists to discuss what AR brings as a medium. The goal of the afternoon was to come up with the right set of questions that can help guide the discussion about this upcoming technology and its use as an artistic tool.


The following speakers framed the discussion: 

  • Julian Oliver, artist

Drawing from his experience as both programmer and artist, Julian outlined why a creatively rigorous future for Augmented Reality is dependent on Free and Open Source software, rather than third-party proprietary suites and solutions. Furthermore, he argued that developers need to help engender a healthy technical culture of exchange in order for the medium to remain both vital and in the hands of creators.


  • Margriet Schavemaker, Head of Collections at Stedelijk Museum, initiator of ARtours 

In her talk Margriet hoovered inside the paradoxical relationship between art and technology.  

Media art and culture are often considered highly significant in the process of making sense of new technologies that we are using in our daily lifes. Think for example of the countless references to Janet Cardiff's 'audio walks' or Steven Spielberg's film Minority Report (2002), made in our current effort to come to an understanding of AR technology. On the other hand, as Rosalind Krauss formulated it so well: media culture is not about the technology or the medium it deploys but most of all about the 'postmedium condition'. From this perspective the cords between culture and technology seem to be cut or at least framed as redundant.


  • Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin; Department of Hybrid Space, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln)

Frans Vogelaar is partner of Hybrid Space Lab (Berlin), a R&D and design practice focusing on the hybrid fields that are emerging through the combination and fusion of environments, objects and services in the information/communication age. In 1998 Frans founded at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne the first Department of Hybrid Space worldwide. 

AR is just one layer, a technique, a vector for starting creating a hybrid net, the integration of digital networks into physical objects, into the environment and its organisms. For the most part, these technological developments are commercially driven. Our interests and wishes are transformed into economically relevant 'needs', interactively developing us as consumers. We will be increasingly supported by information customisation through the selection of items "we are interested in." The consumer is taken care off - but what about our interest as citizens?

 The following people applied to participate:

  • Hosting: Kwela Hermanns, Portal to Your Dreams
  • Jan Misker, projectmanager AR at V2_Lab
  • Carolien Teunisse, intern AR at V2_Lab
  • Mark Dek, Architect, Archadia/Waag Society
  • Gerwin de Haan, Postdoctoral Researcher, Delft University of Technology
  • Beatriz del Saz, Artist
  • René Paré, aRt&D Eindhoven
  • Onno Hansen
  • Beata Staszynska, Film Director
  • Jeroen Junte, de Volkskrant
  • Marten Terpstra, GIS advisor, government
  • Johan Oomen, Head R&D, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision
  • Joachim Rotteveel, Artist, AR-lab / Delft University of Technology
  • Hein Eberson
  • Georgis Papadakis, Artist
  • Johannes la Poutré, Industrial Design Engineer, TAB Worldmedia
  • Remco Vroom, Industrial Design Engineer, TAB Worldmedia
  • Corrine Petrus, Manager Design Office, Getronics
  • Hein Wils, projectleider ARtours, Stedelijk Museum
  • Nanna Verhoeff, Associate Professor Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University
  • William Uricchio, Professor Comparative Media Studies, MIT and Utrecht University
  • Tijmen Schep, netniet.org
  • Jelde de Boer, Researcher & Artist, Utrecht University
  • Bas Bergervoet, student New Media and Digital Culture, Utrecht University
  • Vincent Ruijters, student Digital Media Design, HKU
  • Laura Popplow, Artist, sudent Academy of Media Arts Cologne 
  • Jonas Zais, Artist, student Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • Oscar Tomico, TU/e
  • Daniel van Nes, Artist
  • Lucas Buschfeld, Artist, student Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • Peter Lång, opera composer, transboundary music film, Scen3
  • Karin de Wild, Curator, MAMA
  • <your name here?>


If you want to be part of this discussion, contact Jan Misker or Carolien Teunisse via


Please indicate your area of expertise, as we aim for a balanced mix of professionals.

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