V2_Community Invites: Effective Altruism MeetUp

A discussion Evening on Mental Health & Happiness.

Mar 2018
18:00 to 21:00
In addition to the informal monthly Effective Altruism meetups at Grand Cafe Engels, we host a discussion evening at V2_ every two months. During these meetings we will read and discuss articles or books that are about Effective Altruism or topics that are related to it. Effective Altruism consists in the honest and impartial attempt to find out how to do the most amount of good with our available time and resources by applying rational reasoning, data and scientific evidence. Effective Altruism covers a lot of different themes and domains that concern effectively helping others, be it in the short-term or the longer run. If you want to delve deeper into the question on doing good better, you're more than welcome to join these bi-monthly meetings.

In this third session, we will discuss Effective Altruism and Improving mental health and happiness. Traditionally EA is associated with reducing physical suffering, be it caused by global poverty, factory farming, or potentially by existential risks. According to Michael Plant, EA overlooks human happiness and mental health. Further, he argues that mental illness is probably much worse than poverty or physical illness. Interventions which change how people think - i.e. improve mental health and increase happiness - may be more cost-effective ways of increasing happiness than AMF or Give Directly. Might Michael Plant be right? And if yes, what can be done from an EA-perspective to improve mental health and happiness? Come to this meetup if you wish to discuss this important topic.


In preparation, you can (but are of course not obliged to) read the following EA-forum post & watch Michael Plant's lecture at EA-global London, 2017. As a last recommendation you can read about the moral urgency of mental health by Peter Singer and Michael Plant


The V2_Community program aims to nourish relationships to the many artists, hackers, tinkerers, inventors, scientists and philosophers that operate within V2_'s network, as well as to expand this community with people who share our passion for art, technology & experimentation.
As part of this program we sometimes invite local meetup groups, related to our activities and interests, to use our space for informal talks, discussion groups or network events.
If you or your meetup group would like to become an active member of our community, then please contact Alex Falk with your idea or proposal.
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