V2_Community invites Noodlebar

V2_Community has invited Noodlebar to host a special edition on Saturday the 2nd of April.

Apr 2016
19:00 to 21:55


The common factor for this evenings performances is is that all artists will be improvising their soundscapes. Come on down and be surprised by these performers!

Elfferich & Moll (Delft)
A new Dutch piano duo who only play their own compositions which makes them unique in the wold of classical music. Their music is hypnotizing and fascinating because of the shifting rhythms. Elfferichs inspiration comes from acts like Tangerine Dream, Robert Fripp en minimal composers like Glass and Reich. Elfferich & Moll both play on a digital piano accompanied by video images.

Zen.SE (Brussels)
Experimental modular improv from our reoccurring friend from Brussels. Bjorn always surprises us with a different setup and execution of ideas.

Mono-Poly (Rotterdam)
Keep on your dancing shoes! Mr Noodlebar will be doing something completely different this edition.

Panenkov (Tilburg)
A piece is never mine, it is ours. In that moment." Panenkov creates fully improvised atmospheric landscapes using mostly guitar pedals and other analog equipment, patching everything together as if it were racks of a modular synth. Every Panenkov-show is a unique experience on its own, as he tries to pick up on the acoustics of a venue, as well as the general mood of the audience, letting both factors influence the composition and overall sound.

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