V2_Community Invites: Noodlebar [Ambient Edition]

V2_Community invites Noodlebar for a night of ambient sets.

Aug 2017
18:00 to 21:55

The line up of this event will be:

FUEGO is the solo orchestral project of spanish musician Nacho Córdoba, offspring of the first electronic music traditions ala BBC Radiophonic Workshop or Elianne Radigue. Nacho (head of the spanish label MAGIA) devotes himself to "La Caja" - an old machine for calibrating televisions he uses to get us to underwater sounds, bubbly atmospheres and melancholic mermaid calls through highly emotional and trance-inducing tunes.

The project has been active in different line-ups (from solo or duo up to quintet) since 2011, with two self-released records, a cassette tape through MAGIA recs. and shows all over Spain and 5 european tours through 16 countries.

DRÅSA (United States)
Dråsa -- Simultaneously drowning and being swollen with life, she processes improvised vocal sounds (melodies, rhythms, usually nonverbal) and field recordings through a cassette player, guitar effect pedals and audio software. She has performed and recorded throughout the US, Canada, and Europe with dancers, visual artists, and filmmakers and released on Unknown Tone Records.

Elfferich & Moll is a Dutch minimal music piano duo. They play their own music and therefore they are unique. All compositions are by Jeroen Elfferich. He studied drums/percussion and has been writing his own pop, rock, jazz and electronic music since he was 15 years old. He formed several bands and played many gigs in different countries. In his late 40ties he decided to dedicate himself to writing minimal music for 2 pianos. He released 4 albums with a label from New York but still couldn’t play his pieces live. After years of searching he found Nico Moll to form a duo. Since 2015 they played some very successful concerts. Nico Moll studied organ and jazz piano ( Jasper van’t Hof) and toured with many bands. Elfferich’s music is a new kind of minimal music with an emphasis on rhythms in different time signatures, which makes his music hypnotic and groovy.
Jeroen Elfferich (1965- ) is a Dutch composer/musician. He studied percussion at the Rotterdam Conservatorium and played with many bands and orchestras. After graduating he formed his jazz group Elfferich Four with which he recorded 4 albums. All compositions of this band were by Elfferich.
Nico Moll studied organ and piano and worked in Italy and Germany. In Los Angeles het studied with Clare Fisher.

OSC1899 (Rotterdam)
Rotterdam based OSC1899 will do a special ambient set for this Noodlebar edition with modulars, tape-delays and synths. Expect some deep eerie drones and ambient soundscapes.

Entrance €5

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