V2_Community Invites Roodkapje+Ultras: Puck Schot

During the Kunstavond Puck Schot will show her performance 'Barely Ever' at 19h & 20h. Entrance is free!

Apr 2017
16:00 to 19:00

Will the daily grind of life ever be broken? During this intimate performance, Puck will combine monologue with video projections to explore the mind-numbing experience of everyday life. It will play into thoughts which float up to the surface while lying in bed besides a partner, realizing life has become lifeless. The audience is invited to take a seat and tap into the silly, far-fetched, but yet dark thoughts linked to the aging of the body.

Performances will take place at 19.00h & 20.00h. Entrance is free! This event is part of the Kunstavond.

V2_Community Invites Roodkapje+Ultras: Puck Schot -- Trailer 'Barely Ever' from V2_ on Vimeo.

After graduating from the KABK, Puck Schot sprung into her artist career during Roodkapje’s first outdoor festival; Root Camp in 2016. Puck has transformed media and film to interactive installations and performances. This upcoming Rotterdam-based artist has experimented with hip-hop, film and performance and uses a combination of home-video style footage shot on holidays in combination with stock-footage animations and voice-overs. She uses personal dialogues from her diary to transform them into reflective speeches that serve as an opening and a possible ending towards the video and in-between objects.

Since April 3rd, Puck Schot is developing her work  in V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media. After a month of exploration in V2_, Puck will join Roodkapje in their then newly finished exhibition space at Delftsplein 39. During her development stage, Puck will be working at V2_. This is V2_ ‘s second collaboration with Roodkapje after last year’s ‘Reality✓Check’. Afterwards, Puck will move in with Roodkapje, where she will present her final work called “hope upon a wishing wound” as a solo-exhibition.

Every Friday the Kunstblock art venues in the Witte de Withkwartier are open in the evening. Visit MAMA, TENT, UBIK, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and CBK Rotterdam’s collection of art in public space. Click here for the programme.

V2_ launched the V2_Community initiative in order to connect the many artists, hackers, tinkerers, inventors and philosophers in our network and see how V2_ can provide a platform to grow, experiment, prototype and share work. If you are interested in taking part or contributing get in touch with Alex Falk, our community catalyst (alex.falk@v2.nl)

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