V2_Community presents: Pangani in Ritual

Pangani will give a live performance at V2_ on Saturday the 1st of April.

Apr 2017
18:00 to 21:00
As a sonic storyteller, Pangani fuses otherworldly soundscapes and deep basslines into adventurous psychedelic dub. Detailed synth work and crisp complex beat constructions are braided with flashes of vocals and acoustic instruments, to create bubbling and pressurized imaginary sound worlds.

Website: pangani.at
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iampangani

Pangani in ritual is a synæsthetic live performance, which uses spatial music, environment lighting and diffused essential oil compositions, to create a multi-sensorial concert experience. In Pangani’s live shows, sound-designed puzzle-pieces meet the "foleyboard", a self-built percussive synthesizer. It contains a sound reactive wooden surface, on which all kind of objects, like seeds, sand or brushes are used to generate sounds, which are than manipulated to shape sonic landscapes. This setup enables him to improvise and let his audience experience electronic live music in a one-man-band setup.

V2_ launched the V2_Community initiative in order to connect the many artists, hackers, tinkerers, inventors and philosophers in V2_'s network and see how V2_ can provide a platform to grow, experiment, prototype and share work. If you are interested in taking part get in touch with Alex Falk, our community catalyst (alex.falk@v2.nl)

Doors open at 20h. Performance between 21h and 22h. Closing at 23h. Entrance is free.
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