V2_East Meeting on Archives and Documentation

A meeting, discussing the archiving and documentation of media art.

Sep 1996
10:00 to 16:00


Nina Czegledy (Toronto/Budapest): Mediaworks Resource / Archival Database Model
Nina Czegledy is an independent videomaker, researcher and curator who has published widely about media art in Eastern Europe and who organises cultural exchange programmes between North America and Europe. She will report about the experiences of Canadian institutions with archiving, restoring and preserving media art documents.

Miklos Peternak (Budapest): Media archaeology - sources, definitions and possible new research methods
Miklos Peternak is a writer, lecturer and film/video artist and Chair of the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. He will report about his own research about the history of media art in Central and Eastern Europe.

Laszlo Toelgyes (Budapest): The Artpool Archives, Budapest
Laszlo Toelgyes is in charge of the new applications of electronic media in art at the Artpool Archives in Budapest. Together with Agnes Ivacs he is editing the non-profit cultural journal "Gondolat-Jel". Artpool is a unique institution, offering a collection of documents relating to the Hungarian avant-garde art movements of the 70s and 80s, as well as sources on the new international art trends of the past 30 years.

Suzanne Meszoly (Budapest): C3 - The Center for Culture & Communication
Suzy Meszoly is the program director of the new C3 - Center for Culture & Communication of the Soros Foundation Budapest. The Center continues the work of the SCCA Budapest and also faciliates the expanded exploration of digital media technology, encourages creative use of the Internet and functions as a public forum for debate and innovation regarding communication and culture. For more than ten years, it has been putting together an extensive documentation of contemporary Hungarian artists, incl. media artists. This material will, in the near future, be made available via a database on the WWW as well as on CD ROM.

Barbara Borcic (Ljubljana): A Comprehensive Video Catalogue-in-Process
Barbara Borcic is an art critic and curator, presently working at the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana. Together with others she is currently editing a video catalogue, a project she will present as an example for documenting and making available historical material in the field of media art.

Iliyana Nedkova (Sofia): Multimedia Information System for Contemporary Bulgarian Arts
Iliyana Nedkova is Assistant Visual Arts Cordinator at the SCCA Sofia. To her presentation of the MIS she will add some reflections on the emerging electronic arts in Bulgaria.

Jennifer de Felice (Brno): The Video-Multimedia-Performance Atelier Brno
Jennifer de Felice is an active documentary maker and Archivist of the VMP Atelier at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University of Brno about which she will give a presentation.

Chris Hill (Buffalo): Surveying the First Decade: Video Art & Alternative Media in the U.S. (1968 - 80)
For the last 11 years Chris Hill was curator at the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo. Recently she has curated and edited "Surveying the First Decade...", 8 curated videotape programs (17 hours) accompanied by "Texts and Resources" (approx. 375 pages), in collaboration with the Video Data Bank (Chicago), a project about which she will be reporting.

Olia Lialina (Moscow): CINE FANTOM. New life on line.
Olia Lialina is an experimental film and video critic and curator, and director of the non-commercial partnership CINE FANTOM (experimental film and video screenings, archives of Russian Parallel Cinema and databases). She will be talking about the opportunities and problems of putting time-based arts online.

Vuk Cosic (Ljubljana): SCCA Internet Portfolio - documentation & education
Vuk Cosic is an artist and a curator, working and living in Ljubljana. Together with Barbara Borcic and Lilijana Stepancic (both of SCCA Ljubljana) he is currently organising the SCCA Internet Portfolio program which helps and educats artists in using the World Wide Web for documenting and extending their work.

Suzana Milevska (Skopje): Documenting the Aura
Suzana Milevska is an art historian and curator mainly working in Macedonia. She will offer some reflexions on the need and the change of the ways of documentation within the contemporary art field, especially regarding the problems of selection, evaluation and the different speed of the means of technological development in East and West.

Discussion about archives and documentation sources, access and the compatability of data bases, etc.

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