V2_East Startup

At the end of the Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media conference, 30 media artists, curators and networkers from thirteen different European countries met at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam to launch a new initiative, the V2_East / Syndicate network.

Jan 1996
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Syndicate mailing list, a communication project of Syndicate network, was initiated by a meeting of 30 people at the Next Five Minutes in Amsterdam 1996. The Syndicate was established as a platform for the exchange of information between East and West European cultural activists.

Syndicate network primarily consists of artists, art theorists and curators with an interest in media culture.
In December 2001 there are around 365 subscribers to Syndicate mailing list from more than 30 different European and some non-European countries.

As an open virtual community Syndicate network is transcending national frontiers and provides, with Syndicate mailing list, an unmoderated channel for announcements as well as for discussions on projects, events and the political situation experienced.

The decentralized structure of the information provided on Syndicate allows for a diversity of opinions from different parts of the world and highly contrasts the kind of information provided in the mass media.

Participation, meetings and collaborative projects are initiated and seen as an important step towards a system which can exist in a fluidic form without a need of authoritarian actions. Thus, Syndicate network is an experimental research project on the possibilities of building open transcultural communities by using the advantages of tactical media in decentralized structures as the Internet provides them.

In this network of individuals with different personal and cultural backgrounds expressed difference is seen as a value that provides the possibility to a better understanding.

In August 2001 the administration team of Syndicate mailing list changed and since August 27 Syndicate mailing list and web space are hosted by Atelier Nord in Norway. In December 2001 the Syndicate web space at http://anart.no/~syndicate/ is still under development but will be filled over time with texts and projects like, for example, the KKnut project. KKnut is a kind of web message board, which allows an interaction from the web space to the mailing list. Message entries to the KKnut are accessible at the dreamBeach.

At http://anart.no/sympa/arc/syndicate a mail archive is publicly accessible. Former archives are accessible at http://www.v2.nl/syndicate.

So far the main meetings have taken place at half-yearly intervals in Rotterdam (Sept. 1996) Liverpool (April 97), Kassel (July 97), Dessau (Nov. 97), Tirana (May 98), Skopje (Oct. 98), Budapest (April 99), and Helsinki (Oct. 99), Plovdiv (June 2001) with many smaller meetings and joint projects, presentations and workshops happening in between.

Three Readers have been published and collected a selection of important texts from the mailing list in printed form:

- V2_East Reader September 1996
- Deep Europe October 1997
- Junction Scopje October 1998

from: http://syndicate.anart.no/subpages/mailinglist.html


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