V2_Klub: Raderkraft + WLDRF

During this second edition of V2_Klub there will be live performances by WLDRF & Raderkraft. Media artists Jeroen Rijnart & Jochem Walboomers will create live visuals during the performances.

Sep 2019
20:30 to 23:55

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V2_Klub is V2_’s platform for showcasing experimental music. V2_Klub seeks to build upon V2_’s rich history of live experimental music at the interface of art, technology and society.


Somewhere between minimal synth, electro punk and new wave floats the irresistible sound of Raderkraft, a.k.a. Amsterdam-based musician and producer Willem Stinissen (1980).Equally cold and catchy, playful and hypnotising. Raderkraft was born from Stinissen’s love for the purity and DIY mentality of early 80s punk and synth music. Armed with throbbing analogue synths, staccato drumcomputer beats, quirky German vocals and miraculous visuals, Raderkraft takes you from the Autobahn straight into the galaxy.


WLDRF are Rotterdam's own improvisation heroes and inventors of the 'Gentlemen's Rave'. Find out more on: https://soundcloud.com/wldrf & www.wldrf.nl

Jeroen Rijnart & Jochem Walboomers

The duo fiercely attack the human systems of perception with an abstract audiovisual composition in which they use the interplay of motion, rhythm, light and sound to create a compelling and hypnotizing experience.


Entrance Fee 3€ (Payable at the door by card or with cash)
Doors open at 20:30h, First band starts at 21:30h.

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