V2_Klub X Opera Forward Festival X Festival O: Reimagining Opera

Noise, tekno, post-punk and improv meet opera. This edition of V2_Klub is a collaboration between V2_ and Opera Forward Festival.

May 2023
20:00 to 23:55
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Reimagining Opera

What can the word 'opera' mean in the 21st century and how is it relevant? Initiating a collaboration between V2_Klub and Opera Forward Festival from the National Opera, voice artist / maker Stephanie Pan brings together a collective of leading experimental sound artists / composers / performers to explore the notion of opera from the perspective of the underground club scene, experimental electronics, free jazz and improv, casting a radical and irreverent eye on established ideas. With and by Marc Alberto, Floris van Bergeijk, Lynn Cassiers, Ji Youn Kang, Stelios Manousakis and Stephanie Pan.


More information t.b.a.

Opera Forward Festival

Urgent, compelling and extravagant: the Opera Forward Festival (OFF) is a defiant exploration of uncharted territory. With ground-breaking music theatre productions, in-depth programmes and special collaborations, we try to bring new sounds in the world of opera.

Immerse yourself in musical performances and presentations by both established names and a new generation of creators. From 3 to 12 March.


V2_Klub is V2_’s platform for showcasing experimental music. V2_Klub seeks to build upon V2_’s rich history of live experimental music at the interface of art, technology and society.

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