V2_Klub X Valley: the Slew

For this edition of V2_Klub we invited the Amsterdam-based Valley. Valley is a platform and label aiming to unite people through forms of sound, text, visuals and experience.

Jan 2023
19:00 to 23:30


Utilising a community oriented approach, Valley curates and facilitates contemporary and unfamiliar artists in free format podcast series to conceptual events.

Valley was born from the need for a space to find kinship in experimental forms of art and identity. Taking root first in Amsterdam in 2018, the ever-changing shape of Valley has presented itself as Radio Show, Club Night, Fundraiser, Listening Session, Label, Shelter, Platform and other fascinators of connection.

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The Slew

“Twirling down is soft leaves, cutting ice, deafening beams of light, a wind blowing in and around itself. Each layer one of its own and one together. The dirt under our feet found, we repeat.”

Valley is bringing their debut event to the city of Rotterdam on the 20th of January, presenting live music and moving image. An evening inspired by a saturated (non-)physical world showcasing a selection of international musicians and films.


Pre-sale: 7 EUR
Doorticket: 8 EUR

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- airflo
- Battle-ax
- Bride
- snufkin
- user-411453200
- whiterose
- ‘a.o.k’ by Christopher Tym
- ‘Agency of Nowhen’ by Sara Culmann
- ‘Today I Closed My Eyes’ by Himera & Pim Sem Benjamin

poster valley

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