V2_Klub - Ysa Bermejo w/ Bocafloja & Okkio

V2_Klub presents: Ysa Bermejo, who will officially launch her album 'Empieza Otra Vez'. Support acts are Bocafloja & Okkio.

Nov 2021
18:30 to 22:00

Ysa Bermejo

With a powerful voice and passionate stage presence, award-winning singer-songwriter Ysa Bermejo (ES) has managed to uniquely blend elements of Latin American and Spanish tradition with contemporary electronic music.

The NL-based artist comes to V2_ to present her first album Empieza Otra Vez (as well as more music). Her sound, which has been impossible to qualify by critics, mixes contemporary electronic elements with rap and poetry in Spanish. She is accompanied on stage by Yannick Heselle (BE) on electric bass, Javier Herrero (ES) on drums and Michalis Michailidis (GR) on synthesizers and electric guitar.


Tickets for this event are 6 EUR. You can purchase them here.


Bocafloja is an Interdisciplinary artist based in New York; Documentary Filmmaking, Music, Literature, Photography, Design, Theater and Video art are some of his mediums of creation. Bocafloja has performed extensively for over 20 years in more than 35 countries, positioning him as a leading voice within artistic communities in the Spanish speaking diaspora.

Bocafloja is recognized as one of the first artists in Latin America who utilized Rap and poetry as an effective model of critical pedagogy amongst impoverished communities.


Okkio is the solo project of Greek/Czech musician and music producer Michalis Michailidis. Based in the Netherlands, Okkio developed a distinctive style of music production and musical voice based on a colorful merge of instruments, analog synths and digital components.

Okkio will release his debut solo EP “Immersion” in winter 2021, this record is divided into two volumes and contains collaborations with visual artist Caio Vita, graphic designer Nina Michailidou and movie maker Max van Boxel.


V2_Klub is V2_’s platform for showcasing experimental music. V2_Klub seeks to build upon V2_’s rich history of live experimental music at the interface of art, technology and society.

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