Videocompilation: (Tele)communicatie in kunst

Compiled by Babeth van Loo and Dick Verdult (NL).

Videocompilation: (Tele)communicatie in kunst

video still

Sep 1989
22:00 to 22:00
location: V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

Presentation of the video compilation, made through the contributions of some 20 video artists from around the world, compiled and edited by Babeth van Loo and Dick Verdult, who used experimental editing techniques for this project.

Presentatie van de videocompilatie, tot stand gebracht door bijdrages van een 20-tal videokunstenaars uit de hele wereld, geëdit door Babeth van Loo en Dick Verdult. Er werd hierbij gebruik gemaakt en geëxperimenteerd met montagetechnieken.

(Tele)communicatie in kunst (1989) from V2_ on Vimeo.

met / with:

Saludos Amigos by Jaime Davidovich (USA)

Deformation Research by DFM Radio Televisie Artist Toek (NL)

Beso by G.F Corchero (SP)

Chloroform by Lymph (AUS)

La Confusion de los Ambientes by Marcelo Expósito (SP)

Judging the Earth by Tuxedo Moon (USA)

Achim Wollscheid for Selektion (BRD)

Untitled Political Tape by Predrag Sidjanin (YU)

Picasso's Balcony by Saskia Lupini

Buster by Dirk Paesmans (B)

Thousand Heads are fond of rolling by Strafe für Rebellion (BRD)

Message by Annemie van Kerckhoven (B)

Call Me by Rabotnik (NL)

Our Daily News Poem by Dick Verdult & Babeth van Loo (NL)

The Gun is Loaded by Lydia Lunch (USA)

Untitled Mouth by Utray Lamadrid (SP)

Fastest Eccelarating TV by Lymph (AUS)

The Lone Ranger by Raoul Marroquin (NL)

Real Deal by Francisco Felipe (SP)

De Mediacale Wolf by F.F. Beckmans (NL)

Zo laat nog by Maarten v.d. Put (NL)

and 4 excerpts illustrating the use of surveillance cameras:

Love Hotel by TVC1 (J)

Tscherwonez by G Altorjay (ZDF/BRD)

Der Riese by M Klier (ZDF/BRD)

SRL by Jon Reese (Production: Mickery Theatre)


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