Vom Ende der Eiszeit

Vom Ende der Eiszeit was an exhibition of an installation and paintings by Joke Brouwer at Club Moral in Antwerp.

Vom Ende der Eiszeit

event picture; photo: Jan Sprij

Nov 1983
Dec 1983
14:00 to 22:55
location: Club Moral, Antwerpen

The title of this installation, realized by Joke Brouwer at Club Moral, Kattenberg 122 in Antwerpen was Vom Ende der Eiszeit und wie man Feuer macht. Used materials were cardboard cut-outs (3,5 m. high), lighting, light organ, wind machine, photographs, paintings and eight sound sources. The catalogue mentions 'after a text by Gunter Walraff'.

All the work was by Joke Brouwer, 'with thanks to Alex Adriaansens for the realisation'.

(Info from the self-published catalogue, which is in the physical archive of V2_).


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