Watch That Sound at Cinekid

The Watch That Sound studio has been built on the Cinekid festival site at the Westergasfabiek in Amsterdam. Working in pairs with laptops and microphones, young workshop participants are making their own soundtrack in a room filled with instruments and noisemakers.

Oct 2010
Oct 2010
location: Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

The Watch That Sound audio and music workshops are taking place from at Cinekid, the annual Dutch festival for film, television and new media for young people aged 4 to 14. V2_ and the Watch That Sound team have developed step-by-step software that allows children to make their own short film soundtracks. 

Young participants receive a brief introduction on the importance of sound in film and new media and learn the functional difference between ambient sound, special effects and music. They analyze a film’s storyline and mood. With help from a technician, they record sounds using various microphone techniques. Then, they learn to use simple software to make their own soundtracks. 



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