WDS Symposium on Multimedia

Symposium on communcation and multimedia at DEAF94.

Nov 1994
13:00 to 18:00

The theme of this symposium was "the course of the communication-experiment of the collage". Communication is a dynamic process and therefore there will be no real end result. A number of moments were extracted from this evolution and served as a basis for the discussion. The participants in the discussion were all active in the visual communication business, each one in their own way.

Besides this theme, the symposium examined developments within new media. Interactivity and multimedia as magic words of a new golden future; whether consumers shared the same view remained to be seen. At that time, the interactivity of the average consumers was limited to the remote control, videogames and the cash-dispenser.

Ton Damen (WDS) coordinated the discussion on whether a new visual language could be developed, evolving from the already existing imagery, that would contribute to communication. Could words be replaced by images? Do images have a greater impact than a thousand words?

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