Web Audio Meetup

On Thursday March 29 we are hosting a Web Audio Meetup in order to bring together a community of sound designers, javascript coders, musicians, producers, composers & audiophiles with a shared interest in Web Audio and online music production.

Mar 2018
17:00 to 20:00

Web Audio 

Web Audio is a JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications. The goal of this API is to include capabilities found in modern game audio engines and some of the mixing, processing, and filtering tasks that are found in modern desktop audio production applications such as Ableton & Logic. Since the introduction of HTML5, audio creation & processing on the web has changed a lot and we feel it is time to scope the field. The Web Audio API lets us make sound right in the browser. It makes your sites, apps, and games more interactive, fun and engaging. You can even build music-specific applications like drum machines and synthesizers. Below are some cool examples to get an idea of what is possible with Web Audio:

A collaborative multiplayer piano

A Roland 808/909 style drum-machine

A multiplayer synthesizer

A piano with an AI playing a duet with you

A tool to create soundtracks for videoclips (Open in Chrome)


19.00 Doors open
19.30 Presentations
- Chrome Extension for combining Web instruments (Jacques van de Veerdonk)
- Modulating samples in the browser (Enio Ramalho)
- Your presentation? (See below for details)
20.30 Instant Live Composition Challenge
21.00 Drinks & Creative time (5 workstations for you to play around with Web Audio & Watch That Sound are available, but feel free to bring your own laptop)
22.00 End/New beginnings

If you are interested in participating by presenting a project, a tool, a Web Audio app or performing during the evening please contact Jacques van de Veerdonk on admin@watchthatsound.nl

Free Admission


V2_ launched the V2_Community initiative in order to connect the many artists, hackers, tinkerers, inventors and philosophers in V2_'s network and see how V2_ can provide a platform to grow, experiment, prototype and share work. If you are interested in taking part get in touch with Alex Falk, our community catalyst (alex.falk@v2.nl)


As part of our community program we invite external Meetup groups into the V2_ space to host small informal evening events focused on our mutual interests of Art, Technology & Science.

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