A Crash Course in Art & Media Technology: Weird Science

An evening on Art & Biotechnology.

Dec 2020
19:00 to 22:00
location: V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media
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When artists manipulate biological organisms, ecosystems, and their own bodies and genetics, it often stirs up controversy. Yet controversy is sometimes precisely what’s needed for society to criticize and reflect on scientific progress. Discover the important role art has played in challenging our notions of what’s normal and what’s downright weird in the field of biotechnology, and join the dialogue on living matter as media for artistic exploration.

Florian portrait

Florian Weigl

Florian Weigl is curator at V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media. He joined the curatorial team in 2015 and works on both presenting and co-producing works and research. Curatorial projects at V2_ he did include the live experiment series 3x3 he initiated, and amongst others the group exhibition The Gig is Up (2016, co-curated with Sarah Cook), Latent Spectators (UNArt Center, Shanghai 2019, co-curated with Iris Long), solo projects and exhibitions Jonas Lund's Operation Earnest Voice (2018), Philip Vermeulen’s The Physical Rythm Machine (2017 at Ars Electronica, 2018 at V2_) Marnix de Nijs' Ghosted Views (2019) Driessens & Verstappen’s Pareidolia (2020) and Johannes Langkamp's solo exhibition Sun Tracing (2019). He offers curatorial support during the short-term international residency program Summer Sessions and is among other things responsible for V2_’s public events series Test_Lab. Alongside his work at V2_, Florian works as independent curator, is an advisor for Mondriaan fonds, part of the Culture Advisory Committee Province Overijssel and Gelderland and advisor for Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen. During this event Florian will present work and research from the V2_Lab & archive.

Angnieska portrait

Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko

Dr. Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko (PhD in the arts in society from Leiden University) is a lecturer and researcher at AKI Academy of Art and Design, ArtEZ, where she has established and coordinates BIO MATTERs, an artistic research program that explores how to work with living matters. Her research focuses on posthumanism and intersection between art, ethics and biotechnology. She is an artistic and public curator of exhibitions and events on art working with living matters and art/science relations. Some of her publications are: "Forgotten Rituals of Yearning," Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry; and “Between Bio and Art – Intensities of Matter in Bioart,” in: Inside. Outside. Other. Bodies in The Work of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault. She is currently working on her book “Bodies within Affect. Practicing Contaminating Matters through Bioart.” Agnieszka will guide us on a journey through the past, present and possible future of Art & Biotechnology.

Roland Dierendonck

Roland van Dierendonck

Roland van Dierendonck (NL) is an artist, biologist, creative technologist and illustrator currently based in Oslo. His research and practice includes works in the field of interactive media, art-science and education. He is involved in Do-It-Yourself / Community Science and has been working and teaching at the intersection of biology, technology and art. His work investigates new ways to explore and show concepts and processes, in realms including biology, technology, ecosystems, and sustainability. He holds a bachelor in biology and a master in Media Technology, at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. Roland will present some of his own work and talk about his experiences of Biotechnology in his artistic research and practice.

Practical and Tickets

19.00-23.00h (Talks start at 19.30, please be on time)
V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam
Due to current circumstances, only a limited number of visitors are able to attend this event at V2_.

V2_ follows a Covid-19 protocol. Please read it before visiting us.
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