Wiretap 3.02 - Radio & Internet

Wiretap 3.02 was a week-long research workshop with radiomakers and Internet workers from the Netherlands and from republics of the former Yugoslavia. On the last day, a live-production session was broadcasted on the Internet and rebroadcast live by local ether stations in Amsterdam and Ljubljana.

Wiretap 3.02 - Radio & Internet

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Feb 1997
Feb 1997
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Wiretap 3.02 investigated the relationship between radio and Internet. It combined a presentation about independent media in former Yugoslavia (16.02.) and a live-radio production for the Internet and the ether (23.02.), with a week-long workshop during which the participants explored the specificities of the two media and the possibilities of combining them. In this way, the programme combined V2_'s plan to develop activities that would lead to a production-oriented workshop/medialab, with the importance of presenting the work that is being done in the field of new media to an interested audience.

Radio is still one of the most effective media for independent media producers. Relatively cheap technology coupled with the possibility to broadcast to local target audiences and a broad range of modes of presentation and expression (live reporting, interviews, features, music, ...) make it a powerful "tactical" medium.

The Internet offers very different, but similarly interesting, tactical opportunities. Wide availability, multi-medial presentation, direct publishing, information and content on demand - these are only some of the features of the medium.

The relationship between radio and Internet can be indirect (as in the announcing of radio stations and programmes via newsgroups, mailing lists, websites, etc.) or direct, when the Internet is used for the transmission of radio items (RealAudio, Shockwave), or when radio signals are used to transmit digital information (Packet Radio *). Many other intermediate forms are imaginable.

Wiretap 3.02 investigated the specificities and the synergetic potentials of the two media. It consisted of a week-long research workshop during which a group of radiomakers and Internet workers from the Netherlands and from republics of the former Yugoslavia visited groups and institutions who are exploring the potentials of radio and Internet. A preparatory communication for getting to know each other and for a discussion about the different systems was conducted in the weeks before, via an e-mail mailing list. The workshop itself started on February 16th, 1997, with a series of informal public presentations of the work done with radio and internet by the participants from ex-Yugoslavia (organised by Press Now in Amsterdam). After a week of working visits, the programme was rounded off on Sunday, February 23rd, with a public live-production session where the results of the week's visits were brought together and realised in a live-radio broadcast on the Internet and via the ether. The Dutch station IKON broadcasted part of the program live on Radio 5.

see also the report by Josephine Bosma:

Organised by V2_Organisation, in cooperation with IKON Radio and Press Now.



Radio B92 (YU)
Drazen Pantic (YU/USA)
Bojan Azman (SLO)
Radio Student (SLO)
Vuk Cosic (SLO)
Luka Frelih (SLO)
Ljudmila (SLO)
Nebojša Jovanovic (BIH)
Radio_Zid (BIH)
ORF Kunstradio (A)
Edin Karamehmedovic (HR)
Radio 101 (HR)
Roberto Paci Dalò (I)
Josephine Bosma (NL)
Geert Lovink (NL)
Beeldplaatje (NL)
Jo van der Spek (NL)
Ludwig Zeininger (A)
Andor Fabian (HR)
Radio Patapoe (NL)
IKON Radio (NL)
RadioTTT (HR)
Radio Lada (I)

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